Tech-Life products are covered by a twelve-month limited consumer warranty, issued by Tech-Life, Inc. The warranty is issued to the customer who buys a new Tech-Life product from an authorized retailer only, customer must provide proof of purchase date. This warranty cannot be assigned or transferred to any subsequent purchaser or user. 

Tech-Life takes the authenticity of our products and your experience as a valued customer seriously. Please only buy from our website (Tech-life.com) and Tech-life-approved retailers. Our authorized reseller on Amazon.com is "Coalition Sales". Purchases from other non-authorized resellers are not considered authentic goods and have no warranty.

Tech-Life warrants to the customer that the device will under normal use function substantially in accordance with Tech-Life' technical specifications or accompanying product documentation for a period of twelve-months from the date of the original purchase.

The limited twelve-month warranty will be voided if the purchaser rents a Tech-Life product to a third party user and damages are incurred during third party use.


The twelve-month limited consumer warranty starts from the day the Consumer receives the Tech-Life. This warranty only covers repairs that need to be performed due to manufacturing errors and/or damage occurred during transport. Tech-Life does not cover repairs needed due to hazardous use or excessive handling of the Tech-Life by the customer.


Customers who register their Tech-Life product within twelve-months of their purchase date will receive a six-month warranty extension for a total warranty period of eighteen-months.  Warranty extensions will not be granted if the product has already passed its original twelve-month warranty period at the time of registering.  Customers can register their products at www.tech-life.com/pages/register