Frequently Asked Questions


The Twins are very loud speakers.  For their size, they are much louder than the competition.  However, more importantly than loud, Tech-Life Twins produce a high fidelity rich sound quality that will make you enjoy your tunes that much more.

Step 1:  Turn on both speakers & set them right next to each other

Step 2: Set one speaker to 'Master' by pressing the TWS button once.

Step 3:  After the beep, press the same TWS button again on the Master speaker.

Step 4:  Just wait up to a minute while the speakers find each other.  They will make a sound indicating they are ready and in BlueTooth Pairing mode

Step 5:  Select "Tech-Life Twins" from your device's Bluetooth settings and Enjoy!

As Yoda would put it, Water proof they are not, water resistant they are.

All Tech-Life products are charged using a universal Micro-USB cord.  This is the same charging cord used in most Android Phones.  You can purchase one on Amazon, from your local retailer, or contact us directly and we will mail you a replacement.

You can use the Tech-Life Twins independently as separate speakers, or you can pair them together for true left and right stereo sound.

The Tech-Life Twins battery should last 8-10 hours per charge.

Website and order questions

Use our Customer Service form to let us know you with to make a return.   We will email you directly to start the easy return process.

If your order has a problem, contact us by email through the contact page. DO NOT ship back products without authorization through the return process. We can resolve all issues with you quickly and with personal attention.

Received Damaged?
Received Defective Product?
Received the Wrong Product?
Missing an Element to Your Item?
Received a Product not as Described?

Solution: We replace it!

If you receive your product from us with these issues, please hold the product and all packaging. With your cooperation and photo documentation of your package and item(s) we will investigate, offer a solution and ship out any replacements needed.

Most orders will arrive at your door within 2-10 business days.

All orders ship directly from our warehouse in San Diego California.

Yes, Tech-Life Ships Worldwide!

However, be aware certain countries may charge additional fees, such as custom fees and independent carrier fees. We cannot anticipate these fees and will not be able to reimburse you for any additional fees incurred or predict additional shipping time due to these border or customs issues. Please contact your local customs office or branch office of the Postal Service to determine what type of fees you may expect based upon the type of product you wish to order if your shipping address is outside the US.

There are 3 easy ways to contact Tech-Life.

1.  Instantly Chat with us directly using the facebook chat widget in the bottom right corner. 

2.  Email us directly at 

3.  Use our Contact Us page to send us a message anytime.