Tech-Life Twins W/ VARIATIONS

The Twins by Tech-Life – Stereo Speakers for the Active Audiophile

  • • Dad Will Be Happy When You Bring Tech-Life Twins Home
    • Motorboat Your Twins All Day 'Cuz They Are Splashproof
    • Your Twins Play Loud Enough To Wake Your Parents Up
    • 12 Hour Battery So You Can Rock All Day & Party All Night
    • TL True-Life Stereo Sound Makes Every Track A Banger
    • Twins Come in Multiple Colors To Fulfill Your Every Desire
    • Impressive & Futuristic Gear, Don't Be Stuck in 2018
    • Everyone Loves When You Show Off A Nice Pair Of Twins!
    Show Off Your Twins @ Parties & Events Everywhere You Go
  • The first Stereo Bluetooth Speakers designed specifically for the music enthusiast.

    The Twins harness twice the power of our BeatBlock Classic, and give the user a superior listening experience.  The Twins are high fidelity left and right channel speakers, allowing you to hear music exactly as the artist intended. 

    Once you get this speaker in your hands you’ll be blown away by the sound volume and clarity that comes out of this compact rugged package.
  • Ships from California.  Orders usually ship within 24 hours.

    All Tech-Life products carry a 1 year warranty.

    Tech-Life prides themselves on building a reputation of providing quality products matched with top notch customer service and technical support.  If you ever have a problem with any Tech-Life product, please contact Customer Service.