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Why Choose Tech-Life

Extended Playtime

12 hours of playtime for long-lasting fun.

  • Perfect for playing outdoors.
  • No need for outlets.
  • Efficient charging for prolonged use.

Significant Range

100 ft range to enjoy anywhere.

  • Play around the house, campsite, or wherever life takes you.
  • Move freely and party without restrictions.


Link 100 speakers together.

  • Connect with friends for an extraordinary sound experience.
  • Enjoy the unique feature that no other speaker has.

Unapologetically Powerful

Loud and durable.

  • Waterproof for lake parties or dancing in the rain.
  • Enduring even the craziest of adventures.
  • Loud and mighty for unforgettable parties.

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18-Month Warranty

24-Hour Expert Support

WHATT you can connect 100 together!! My other speaker can't do that...
The possibilities are endless! 

― Jamie Stanley

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Leader Of The Pack

Our Best Seller. Perfect for parties and large spaces.


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A Trusted Companion

Loud and Versatile. Ideal for travel and outdoors.


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Always By Your Side

A Compact Powerhouse. Excellent for the bedroom or on the go.


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Match With Your Perfect Size

Bigger isn't always better.

That's why we've created a speaker range of different dimensions to cater to your needs and match your lifestyle. We always put sound quality and durability first so you can enjoy long-lasting, uninterrupted, powerful sound to accompany your missions, visions, and decisions. Base your speaker at home or bring it everywhere - your life, your ventures, your one perfect size.

Find the Perfect Size Speaker For You

Your Next Camping Adventure

Your College
Dorm Room

Your Weekend
DIY Project

Your Upcoming House Party

Your Family

Your Action-Packed Workout

Designed With Everyone In Mind

Phenomenal Audio Experience, Now Personalized

  • Powerful stereo surround system anywhere you go.
  • Waterproof build to last any adventure.
  • 12 hours of uninterrupted playtime.
  • 100 ft range for open-space entertainment.
  • Inter-connectable with 100 speakers for an immersive sound experience.

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